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Protein IDLocusGene nameClassificationInputsOutputsDomain architecture
27411362Other PAS
27413198Other PAS
27414120Other PAS, STAS
27414981Other GAF
27418173Other PAS, STAS
27419037Other GAF
27421138Other PAS, STAS
27421936Other GAF
27423300Other GAF
27425661Other PAS, STAS
27427562Other GAF
27428375Other PAS, STAS
27429359Other PAS
27429361Other PAS
27430142Other FIST
27432670Other GAF
27433533Other PAS, STAS
27434921Other GAF
27435790Other PAS, STAS
27437481Other PAS, STAS

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1 - 20 out of 31 protein(s)
Browsing Other
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