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Protein IDLocusGene nameClassificationInputsOutputsDomain architecture
27411545Chemotaxis, CheV
27412071Chemotaxis, CheV
27412446Chemotaxis, CheV
27412799Chemotaxis, CheV
27414012Chemotaxis, CheV
27418075Chemotaxis, CheV
27421046Chemotaxis, CheV
27425564Chemotaxis, CheV
27428473Chemotaxis, CheV
27430179Chemotaxis, CheV
27433641Chemotaxis, CheV
27435888Chemotaxis, CheV
27437383Chemotaxis, CheV
27440485Chemotaxis, CheV
27444067Chemotaxis, CheV
27445365Chemotaxis, CheV
27446817Chemotaxis, CheV
27448062Chemotaxis, CheV

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1 - 18 out of 18 protein(s)
Browsing CheV proteins
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