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Protein IDLocusGene nameClassificationInputsOutputsDomain architecture
9895814Other PAS
9896334Other GAF
9896354Other PAS, STAS
9896361Other PAS
9896792Other PAS, STAS
9897594Other GAF
9897731Other PAS
9898298Other PAS
9898304Other FIST
9898339Other GAF, STAS
9898348Other PAS, STAS
9898603Other GAF
9898886Other GAF
9899100Other GAF
9899335Other GAF
9899701Other FIST
9900638Other PAS, STAS
9900705Other PAS, STAS
9900917Other GAF
9901020Other PAS, STAS

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1 - 20 out of 29 protein(s)
Browsing Other
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