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Signaling domains used to identify and categorize signal transduction proteins

The following table contains the signaling domain profiles used to identify and classify signal transduction proteins. The signaling domain ID corresponds to an internal identifier used to group mutliple, related domain models. Signal transduction proteins are highly modular consisting of one or more domains. Based on their role in signal transduction, a domain may belong to one of six kinds: transmitter, receiver, input (sensory), output (regulatory), chemotaxis, and ECF. Marker domains indicate those that implicate a protein as participating in signal transduction.

Signaling domain ID Source Domain name Kind Function Marker
1. RR Agfam RR receiver Receiver Yes
2. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA transmitter Transmitter Yes
3. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:1 transmitter Transmitter Yes
4. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:2 transmitter Transmitter Yes
5. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:3 transmitter Transmitter Yes
6. HK_CA:Che Agfam HK_CA:Che chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
7. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:5 transmitter Transmitter Yes
8. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:6 transmitter Transmitter Yes
9. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:7 transmitter Transmitter Yes
10. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:8 transmitter Transmitter Yes
11. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:9 transmitter Transmitter Yes
12. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:10 transmitter Transmitter Yes
13. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:11 transmitter Transmitter Yes
14. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:12 transmitter Transmitter Yes
15. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:13 transmitter Transmitter Yes
16. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:14 transmitter Transmitter Yes
17. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:15 transmitter Transmitter Yes
18. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:16 transmitter Transmitter Yes
19. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:17 transmitter Transmitter Yes
20. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:18 transmitter Transmitter Yes
21. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:19 transmitter Transmitter Yes
22. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:20 transmitter Transmitter Yes
23. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:21 transmitter Transmitter Yes
24. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:22 transmitter Transmitter Yes
25. HK_CA Agfam HK_CA:23 transmitter Transmitter Yes
26. 4HB_MCP Agfam 4HB_MCP input Small-molecule binding Yes
27. ECF_1 ECF ECF_1 ecf ECF Yes
28. ECF_2 ECF ECF_2 ecf ECF Yes
29. ECF_3 ECF ECF_3 ecf ECF Yes
30. ECF_4 ECF ECF_4 ecf ECF Yes
31. ECF_5 ECF ECF_5 ecf ECF Yes
32. ECF_6 ECF ECF_6 ecf ECF Yes
33. ECF_7 ECF ECF_7 ecf ECF Yes
34. ECF_8 ECF ECF_8 ecf ECF Yes
35. ECF_9 ECF ECF_9 ecf ECF Yes
36. ECF_10 ECF ECF_10 ecf ECF Yes
37. ECF_11 ECF ECF_11 ecf ECF Yes
38. ECF_12 ECF ECF_12 ecf ECF Yes
39. ECF_13 ECF ECF_13 ecf ECF Yes
40. ECF_14 ECF ECF_14 ecf ECF Yes
41. ECF_15 ECF ECF_15 ecf ECF Yes
42. ECF_16 ECF ECF_16 ecf ECF Yes
43. ECF_17 ECF ECF_17 ecf ECF Yes
44. ECF_18 ECF ECF_18 ecf ECF Yes
45. ECF_19 ECF ECF_19 ecf ECF Yes
46. ECF_20 ECF ECF_20 ecf ECF Yes
47. ECF_21 ECF ECF_21 ecf ECF Yes
48. ECF_22 ECF ECF_22 ecf ECF Yes
49. ECF_23 ECF ECF_23 ecf ECF Yes
50. ECF_24 ECF ECF_24 ecf ECF Yes
51. ECF_25 ECF ECF_25 ecf ECF Yes
52. ECF_26 ECF ECF_26 ecf ECF Yes
53. ECF_27 ECF ECF_27 ecf ECF Yes
54. ECF_28 ECF ECF_28 ecf ECF Yes
55. ECF_29 ECF ECF_29 ecf ECF Yes
56. ECF_30 ECF ECF_30 ecf ECF Yes
57. ECF_31 ECF ECF_31 ecf ECF Yes
58. ECF_32 ECF ECF_32 ecf ECF Yes
59. ECF_33 ECF ECF_33 ecf ECF Yes
60. ECF_34 ECF ECF_34 ecf ECF Yes
61. ECF_35 ECF ECF_35 ecf ECF Yes
62. ECF_36 ECF ECF_36 ecf ECF Yes
63. ECF_37 ECF ECF_37 ecf ECF Yes
64. ECF_38 ECF ECF_38 ecf ECF Yes
65. ECF_39 ECF ECF_39 ecf ECF Yes
66. ECF_40 ECF ECF_40 ecf ECF Yes
67. ECF_41 ECF ECF_41 ecf ECF Yes
68. ECF_42 ECF ECF_42 ecf ECF Yes
69. ECF_43 ECF ECF_43 ecf ECF Yes
70. ECF_101 ECF ECF_101 ecf ECF Yes
71. ECF_102 ECF ECF_102 ecf ECF Yes
72. ECF_103 ECF ECF_103 ecf ECF Yes
73. ECF_104 ECF ECF_104 ecf ECF Yes
74. ECF_105 ECF ECF_105 ecf ECF Yes
75. ECF_106 ECF ECF_106 ecf ECF Yes
76. ECF_107 ECF ECF_107 ecf ECF Yes
77. ECF_108 ECF ECF_108 ecf ECF Yes
78. ECF_109 ECF ECF_109 ecf ECF Yes
79. ECF_110 ECF ECF_110 ecf ECF Yes
80. ECF_111 ECF ECF_111 ecf ECF Yes
81. ECF_112 ECF ECF_112 ecf ECF Yes
82. ECF_113 ECF ECF_113 ecf ECF Yes
83. ECF_114 ECF ECF_114 ecf ECF Yes
84. ECF_115 ECF ECF_115 ecf ECF Yes
85. ECF_116 ECF ECF_116 ecf ECF Yes
86. ECF_117 ECF ECF_117 ecf ECF Yes
87. ECF_118 ECF ECF_118 ecf ECF Yes
88. ECF_119 ECF ECF_119 ecf ECF Yes
89. ECF_120 ECF ECF_120 ecf ECF Yes
90. ECF_121 ECF ECF_121 ecf ECF Yes
91. ECF_122 ECF ECF_122 ecf ECF Yes
92. ECF_123 ECF ECF_123 ecf ECF Yes
93. ECF_124 ECF ECF_124 ecf ECF Yes
94. ECF_999 ECF ECF_999 ecf ECF Yes
95. CheB_methylest Pfam CheB_methylest chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
96. CheC Pfam CheC chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
97. CheD Pfam CheD chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
98. CheR Pfam CheR chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
99. CheR_N Pfam CheR_N chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
100. CheW Pfam CheW chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
101. CheY-binding Pfam CheY-binding chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
102. CheZ Pfam CheZ chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
103. H-kinase_dim Pfam H-kinase_dim chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
104. MCPsignal Pfam MCPsignal chemotaxis Chemotaxis Yes
105. Sigma70_ECF Pfam Sigma70_ECF ecf ECF Yes
106. BLUF Pfam BLUF input Cofactor binding -
107. FeS Pfam FeS input Cofactor binding -
108. Fer4 Pfam Fer4 input Cofactor binding -
109. HNOB Pfam HNOB input Cofactor binding -
110. HNOBA Pfam HNOBA input Cofactor binding -
111. Hemerythrin Pfam Hemerythrin input Cofactor binding -
112. HhH-GPD Pfam HhH-GPD input Cofactor binding -
113. NIR_SIR Pfam NIR_SIR input Cofactor binding -
114. NIR_SIR_ferr Pfam NIR_SIR_ferr input Cofactor binding -
115. Nitro_FeMo-Co Pfam Nitro_FeMo-Co input Cofactor binding -
116. Phytochrome Pfam Phytochrome input Cofactor binding -
117. Aminotran_1_2 Pfam Aminotran_1_2 input Enzymatic -
118. Ammonium_transp Pfam Ammonium_transp input Enzymatic -
119. AraC_E_bind Pfam AraC_E_bind input Enzymatic -
120. Arch_ATPase Pfam Arch_ATPase input Enzymatic -
121. Bac_rhodopsin Pfam Bac_rhodopsin input Enzymatic -
122. Citrate_synt Pfam Citrate_synt input Enzymatic -
123. Cyanate_lyase Pfam Cyanate_lyase input Enzymatic -
124. EPSP_synthase Pfam EPSP_synthase input Enzymatic -
125. FmdA_AmdA Pfam FmdA_AmdA input Enzymatic -
126. GATase_2 Pfam GATase_2 input Enzymatic -
127. Glucokinase Pfam Glucokinase input Enzymatic -
128. Glycos_trans_3N Pfam Glycos_trans_3N input Enzymatic -
129. Glyoxalase Pfam Glyoxalase input Enzymatic -
130. HEAT_PBS Pfam HEAT_PBS input Enzymatic -
131. HEM4 Pfam HEM4 input Enzymatic -
132. NTP_transf_2 Pfam NTP_transf_2 input Enzymatic -
133. NUDIX Pfam NUDIX input Enzymatic -
134. Nitroreductase Pfam Nitroreductase input Enzymatic -
135. PALP Pfam PALP input Enzymatic -
136. PTS-HPr Pfam PTS-HPr input Enzymatic -
137. PTS_EIIC Pfam PTS_EIIC input Enzymatic -
138. Peptidase_M23 Pfam Peptidase_M23 input Enzymatic -
139. PfkB Pfam PfkB input Enzymatic -
140. Pribosyltran Pfam Pribosyltran input Enzymatic -
141. Pyr_redox Pfam Pyr_redox input Enzymatic -
142. Pyr_redox_2 Pfam Pyr_redox_2 input Enzymatic -
143. Rhodanese Pfam Rhodanese input Enzymatic -
144. SKI Pfam SKI input Enzymatic -
145. peroxidase Pfam peroxidase input Enzymatic -
146. CBS Pfam CBS input Protein-protein interaction -
147. TPR_1 Pfam TPR_1 input Protein-protein interaction -
148. TPR_2 Pfam TPR_2 input Protein-protein interaction -
149. TPR_3 Pfam TPR_3 input Protein-protein interaction -
150. TPR_4 Pfam TPR_4 input Protein-protein interaction -
151. 4HB_MCP Pfam 4HB_MCP_1 input Small-molecule binding Yes
152. ACT Pfam ACT input Small-molecule binding -
153. Ada_Zn_binding Pfam Ada_Zn_binding input Small-molecule binding -
154. AlkA_N Pfam AlkA_N input Small-molecule binding -
155. AraC_binding Pfam AraC_binding input Small-molecule binding -
156. AsnC_trans_reg Pfam AsnC_trans_reg input Small-molecule binding -
157. Autoind_bind Pfam Autoind_bind input Small-molecule binding -
158. B12-binding Pfam B12-binding input Small-molecule binding -
159. B12-binding Pfam B12-binding_2 input Small-molecule binding -
160. CHASE Pfam CHASE input Small-molecule binding Yes
161. Cache_1 Pfam Cache_1 input Small-molecule binding -
162. Cache_2 Pfam Cache_2 input Small-molecule binding -
163. CbiA Pfam CbiA input Small-molecule binding -
164. CodY Pfam CodY input Small-molecule binding -
165. Diacid_rec Pfam Diacid_rec input Small-molecule binding -
166. FHA Pfam FHA input Small-molecule binding -
167. FIST Pfam FIST input Small-molecule binding Yes
168. FeoA Pfam FeoA input Small-molecule binding -
169. Fic Pfam Fic input Small-molecule binding -
170. GAF Pfam GAF input Small-molecule binding Yes
171. GAF Pfam GAF_2 input Small-molecule binding Yes
172. GAF Pfam GAF_3 input Small-molecule binding Yes
173. HMA Pfam HMA input Small-molecule binding -
174. IclR Pfam IclR input Small-molecule binding Yes
175. LysR_substrate Pfam LysR_substrate input Small-molecule binding -
176. MEDS Pfam MEDS input Small-molecule binding Yes
177. PAS Pfam MEKHLA input Small-molecule binding Yes
178. NIT Pfam NIT input Small-molecule binding Yes
179. PAS Pfam PAS input Small-molecule binding Yes
180. PAS Pfam PAS_10 input Small-molecule binding Yes
181. PAS Pfam PAS_2 input Small-molecule binding Yes
182. PAS Pfam PAS_3 input Small-molecule binding Yes
183. PAS Pfam PAS_4 input Small-molecule binding Yes
184. PAS Pfam PAS_5 input Small-molecule binding Yes
185. PAS Pfam PAS_6 input Small-molecule binding Yes
186. PAS Pfam PAS_7 input Small-molecule binding Yes
187. PAS Pfam PAS_8 input Small-molecule binding Yes
188. PAS Pfam PAS_9 input Small-molecule binding Yes
189. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_1 input Small-molecule binding -
190. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_2 input Small-molecule binding -
191. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_3 input Small-molecule binding -
192. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_4 input Small-molecule binding -
193. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_5 input Small-molecule binding -
194. Periplas_BP Pfam Peripla_BP_6 input Small-molecule binding -
195. PAS Pfam PocR input Small-molecule binding Yes
196. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_1 input Small-molecule binding -
197. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_10 input Small-molecule binding -
198. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_3 input Small-molecule binding -
199. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_5 input Small-molecule binding -
200. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_7 input Small-molecule binding -
201. SBP_bac Pfam SBP_bac_8 input Small-molecule binding -
202. SIS Pfam SIS input Small-molecule binding -
203. STAS Pfam STAS input Small-molecule binding -
204. TOBE Pfam TOBE input Small-molecule binding -
205. TetR_C Pfam TetR_C input Small-molecule binding -
206. V4R Pfam V4R input Small-molecule binding -
207. cNMP_binding Pfam cNMP_binding input Small-molecule binding -
208. CHASE2 Pfam CHASE2 input Unknown Yes
209. CHASE3 Pfam CHASE3 input Unknown Yes
210. CHASE4 Pfam CHASE4 input Unknown Yes
211. MASE1 Pfam MASE1 input Unknown -
212. MASE2 Pfam MASE2 input Unknown -
213. MHYT Pfam MHYT input Unknown -
214. TrkA_C Pfam TrkA_C input Unknown -
215. CYTH Pfam CYTH output Adenylate cyclase Yes
216. Arc Pfam Arc output DNA-binding Yes
217. Arg_repressor Pfam Arg_repressor output DNA-binding Yes
218. ArsD Pfam ArsD output DNA-binding Yes
219. BetR Pfam BetR output DNA-binding Yes
220. ComK Pfam ComK output DNA-binding Yes
221. Cro Pfam Cro output DNA-binding Yes
222. Crp Pfam Crp output DNA-binding Yes
223. CtsR Pfam CtsR output DNA-binding Yes
224. DeoR Pfam DeoR output DNA-binding Yes
225. FUR Pfam FUR output DNA-binding Yes
226. FaeA Pfam FaeA output DNA-binding Yes
227. Fe_dep_repr_C Pfam Fe_dep_repr_C output DNA-binding Yes
228. Fe_dep_repress Pfam Fe_dep_repress output DNA-binding Yes
229. FeoC Pfam FeoC output DNA-binding Yes
230. GcrA Pfam GcrA output DNA-binding Yes
231. GerE Pfam GerE output DNA-binding Yes
232. GntR Pfam GntR output DNA-binding Yes
233. HSF_DNA-bind Pfam HSF_DNA-bind output DNA-binding Yes
234. HTH_1 Pfam HTH_1 output DNA-binding Yes
235. HTH_10 Pfam HTH_10 output DNA-binding Yes
236. HTH_11 Pfam HTH_11 output DNA-binding Yes
237. HTH_12 Pfam HTH_12 output DNA-binding Yes
238. HTH_13 Pfam HTH_13 output DNA-binding Yes
239. HTH_15 Pfam HTH_15 output DNA-binding Yes
240. HTH_16 Pfam HTH_16 output DNA-binding Yes
241. HTH_17 Pfam HTH_17 output DNA-binding Yes
242. HTH_18 Pfam HTH_18 output DNA-binding Yes
243. HTH_19 Pfam HTH_19 output DNA-binding Yes
244. HTH_20 Pfam HTH_20 output DNA-binding Yes
245. HTH_21 Pfam HTH_21 output DNA-binding Yes
246. HTH_22 Pfam HTH_22 output DNA-binding Yes
247. HTH_23 Pfam HTH_23 output DNA-binding Yes
248. HTH_24 Pfam HTH_24 output DNA-binding Yes
249. HTH_25 Pfam HTH_25 output DNA-binding Yes
250. HTH_26 Pfam HTH_26 output DNA-binding Yes
251. HTH_27 Pfam HTH_27 output DNA-binding Yes
252. HTH_28 Pfam HTH_28 output DNA-binding Yes
253. HTH_29 Pfam HTH_29 output DNA-binding Yes
254. HTH_3 Pfam HTH_3 output DNA-binding Yes
255. HTH_30 Pfam HTH_30 output DNA-binding Yes
256. HTH_31 Pfam HTH_31 output DNA-binding Yes
257. HTH_32 Pfam HTH_32 output DNA-binding Yes
258. HTH_33 Pfam HTH_33 output DNA-binding Yes
259. HTH_34 Pfam HTH_34 output DNA-binding Yes
260. HTH_35 Pfam HTH_35 output DNA-binding Yes
261. HTH_36 Pfam HTH_36 output DNA-binding Yes
262. HTH_37 Pfam HTH_37 output DNA-binding Yes
263. HTH_38 Pfam HTH_38 output DNA-binding Yes
264. HTH_39 Pfam HTH_39 output DNA-binding Yes
265. HTH_5 Pfam HTH_5 output DNA-binding Yes
266. HTH_6 Pfam HTH_6 output DNA-binding Yes
267. HTH_7 Pfam HTH_7 output DNA-binding Yes
268. HTH_8 Pfam HTH_8 output DNA-binding Yes
269. HTH_9 Pfam HTH_9 output DNA-binding Yes
270. HTH_AraC Pfam HTH_AraC output DNA-binding Yes
271. HTH_AsnC-type Pfam HTH_AsnC-type output DNA-binding Yes
272. HTH_CodY Pfam HTH_CodY output DNA-binding Yes
273. HTH_Crp_2 Pfam HTH_Crp_2 output DNA-binding Yes
274. HTH_DeoR Pfam HTH_DeoR output DNA-binding Yes
275. HTH_IclR Pfam HTH_IclR output DNA-binding Yes
276. HTH_Mga Pfam HTH_Mga output DNA-binding Yes
277. HTH_WhiA Pfam HTH_WhiA output DNA-binding Yes
278. HTH_psq Pfam HTH_psq output DNA-binding Yes
279. Homez Pfam Homez output DNA-binding Yes
280. HrcA_DNA-bdg Pfam HrcA_DNA-bdg output DNA-binding Yes
281. HxlR Pfam HxlR output DNA-binding Yes
282. LacI Pfam LacI output DNA-binding Yes
283. LexA_DNA_bind Pfam LexA_DNA_bind output DNA-binding Yes
284. LytTR Pfam LytTR output DNA-binding Yes
285. MarR Pfam MarR output DNA-binding Yes
286. MarR Pfam MarR_2 output DNA-binding Yes
287. MerR Pfam MerR output DNA-binding Yes
288. MerR Pfam MerR-DNA-bind output DNA-binding Yes
289. MerR Pfam MerR_1 output DNA-binding Yes
290. MerR Pfam MerR_2 output DNA-binding Yes
291. Mga Pfam Mga output DNA-binding Yes
292. Mor Pfam Mor output DNA-binding Yes
293. Myb_DNA-binding Pfam Myb_DNA-binding output DNA-binding Yes
294. PaaX Pfam PaaX output DNA-binding Yes
295. PadR Pfam PadR output DNA-binding Yes
296. Pencillinase_R Pfam Pencillinase_R output DNA-binding Yes
297. Phage_CI_repr Pfam Phage_CI_repr output DNA-binding Yes
298. PuR_N Pfam PuR_N output DNA-binding Yes
299. Put_DNA-bind_N Pfam Put_DNA-bind_N output DNA-binding Yes
300. RHH_1 Pfam RHH_1 output DNA-binding Yes
301. RHH_2 Pfam RHH_2 output DNA-binding Yes
302. ROS_MUCR Pfam ROS_MUCR output DNA-binding Yes
303. RepL Pfam RepL output DNA-binding Yes
304. Sigma70_r2 Pfam Sigma70_r2 output DNA-binding Yes
305. Sigma70_r3 Pfam Sigma70_r3 output DNA-binding Yes
306. Sigma70_r4 Pfam Sigma70_r4 output DNA-binding Yes
307. Sigma70_r4_2 Pfam Sigma70_r4_2 output DNA-binding Yes
308. TetR_N Pfam TetR_N output DNA-binding Yes
309. Trans_reg_C Pfam Trans_reg_C output DNA-binding Yes
310. TrmB Pfam TrmB output DNA-binding Yes
311. Trp_repressor Pfam Trp_repressor output DNA-binding Yes
312. UPF0122 Pfam UPF0122 output DNA-binding Yes
313. EAL Pfam EAL output Di-guanylate cyclase Yes
314. GGDEF Pfam GGDEF output Di-guanylate cyclase Yes
315. HD Pfam HD output Hydrolase Yes
316. Guanylate_cyc Pfam Guanylate_cyc output Other Yes
317. Rrf2 Pfam Rrf2 output Other Yes
318. RseA_N Pfam RseA_N output Other Yes
319. SpoIIE Pfam SpoIIE output Phosphatase Yes
320. Pkinase Pfam Pkinase output Protein kinase Yes
321. Pkinase_Tyr Pfam Pkinase_Tyr output Protein kinase Yes
322. ANTAR Pfam ANTAR output RNA-binding Yes
323. CsrA Pfam CsrA output RNA-binding Yes
324. RR Pfam Response_reg receiver Receiver Yes
325. HK_CA Pfam HATPase_c transmitter Transmitter Yes
326. HK_CA Pfam HATPase_c_2 transmitter Transmitter Yes
327. HisKA Pfam HWE_HK transmitter Transmitter Yes
328. HisKA Pfam HisKA transmitter Transmitter Yes
329. HisKA Pfam HisKA_2 transmitter Transmitter Yes
330. HisKA Pfam HisKA_3 transmitter Transmitter Yes
331. HisKA Pfam His_kinase transmitter Transmitter Yes
332. Hpt Pfam Hpt transmitter Transmitter Yes
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