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Another new feature of MiST2 is the capability to save up to genes or proteins in the Cart and later fetch their corresponding gene and/or protein sequences. A link to the cart is present on the right hand side of the page just beneath the search panel and is present on every page of the website. Your cart will remain accessible for a little more than 3 hours since your last activity. If you resume browsing 3 or more hours after no activity, your cart may have been emptied. Please be aware that clearing your cache and removing temporary internet files may also result in losing your cart contents.

Adding / removing sequences from the cart

Depending on the page being viewed, there are two methods for adding sequences to the cart. When many proteins are displayed (e.g. search results or viewing a list of signaling proteins), a checkbox is located to the left of each sequence. Check the relevant sequences and then click the link labeled 'Add selection to cart' to add these proteins to the cart. A cart icon (miniature cart icon) in place of the checkbox indicates that this sequence is already in the cart. The links labeled 'Check all' and 'Uncheck all' conveniently select or deselect, respectively, all of the checkboxes on the currently viewed page. The second method for adding sequences to the cart is unique to the protein view page. When observing an individual protein, a button located just below the Protein/gene summary panel enables one to add / remove the currently viewed protein to the cart. If the protein is not in your cart, clicking 'Add to gene cart' will immediately add this sequence to your cart. Otherwise, the button will be labeled, 'Remove from cart', and will remove this sequence from the gene cart. If Javascript is enabled, these actions will take place without changing the current page.

It is also possible to remove sequences from the cart when viewing the cart contents (first click the cart link, see above). Simply select those sequences you wish to remove from the cart, choose the option 'Remove from cart' from the drop-down box at the top of the page, and push the 'Submit' button.

Fetching sequence data

To retrieve the gene or protein sequences for any or all of the sequences in your cart, first make sure you are viewing the cart contents and on the Gene / protein cart page (see above). Next, select the gene/protein sequences of interest by clicking the checkboxes adjacent to each protein and/or using the 'Check all' / 'Uncheck all' hyperlinks. Choose the desired action from the drop-down box at the top of the page and push the 'Submit' button.

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