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MiST2 is a comprehensive genomics resource specializing on microbial signal transduction. We examine the information encoded in bacterial genomes and identify those proteins responsible for sensing and responding to environmental signals (see identifying signal transduction proteins). Using a domain-based rule system, all signal transduction proteins are grouped and classified into various major modes (one-component, two-component, chemotaxis, and ECF) and more specific groups when possible (e.g. two-component proteins may be further categorized into histidine kinases, response regulators, etc). This knowledge is presented in a biologist-friendly manner by arranging according to the natural organization of genomes, chromosomes, and proteins/genes and graphically visualizing protein and gene sequences. New genomes and their predicted signal transduction repertoire are loaded into MiST2 each month (genome updates).

MiST2 is a second-generation database, succeeding the original MiST database, and contains many new features and capabilities including the following: complete and draft genomes, extracytoplasmic function (ECF) protein identification, updated set of signaling profiles, classification of two-component and chemotaxis proteins, neighboring two-component proteins, advanced protein/gene data retrieval, improved taxonomy browser, powerful search capabilities, organism metadata, gene/protein cart, Google scholar ranking, mailing list, and a completely redesigned interface.

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